Comfort and elegance: The Barcelona Daybed

A piece of furniture made to make an impression of comfort, beauty and elegance. This is the Barcelona Daybed

Inspired by the old ancient Roman and Egyptian tents, and released in the Barcelona International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928, the Barcelona Daybed is part of the Barcelona Collection, and one of the most influential collections of furniture in the XX Century. Though, the Barcelona Daybed has found a way to become popular, just by itself. But this popularity is not free. And is not about only beauty. It has to do with comfort. Lay down in a Barcelona Daybed and you will experience a pleasure not for relaxed, less sophisticated. 

What’s the secret of the comfort behind the Barcelona Daybed?

We can say that its luxury, shiny and soft leather is a great part of the great experience of the Barcelona Daybed. There is a big difference between a conventional leather surface, and the special leather by a Barcelona Daybed.

Its all about the Aniline Leather, exclusive of the Barcelona Collection. the Aniline Leather is a fine selection of several layers of leather, dyed with a special treatment that provides that special texture, color and feeling characteristic of real leather. 

But maybe is not its beauty, and is not the leather. Maybe the secret of the comfort of the Barcelona Daybed lay down in its ash wood platform, where there are 72 individuals cushions full of comfort. Each one of them is filled with high-end, fire retardant, urethane foam. And 17 straps are used to stretch them over a rubber webbing.  

But maybe again, this is not enough, and the secret of the comfort of the Barcelona Daybed is its iconic rounded leather bolster, secured to the cushioning platform with a pretty set of straps. This feature gives the final characteristic in a masterpiece of design, of clean cuts and classic beauty. 
But whatever is the secret of the comfort of the Barcelona Daybed, one thing is for sure: Nothing gets close in distinction and relax. 

And what’s the best way to get the most of the Barcelona Daybed in your living room?

Do you have large halls or big corners without a defined use? The Barcelona Daybed is a wonderful way to fill spaces with elegance. Along a corridor, it works as an extra seat or a surface to store some personal effects, like your purse or some college books. Do you have a big window with a pretty view? A Barcelona Daybed gets perfectly below the window. It creates a sensation of relaxation, comfort, and elegance facing your view.
The items that form the Barcelona Collection, like the

Barcelona Daybed, are in the market of classic design houses, but you don’t have to pay the high prices of a design house to experience its beauty and convenience. Barcelona Designs is one of the best alternatives in quality and fidelity to the original idea while providing thoughtful customer service.