The Noguchi Table: Much More Than a Coffee Table

The Noguchi Table represents a whole new world to discover. Most of the people who buy this table place it in the center of the living room to add more functionality and reinforce the aesthetics. It has also become a very present model in common areas, office spaces, and places of a great influx of people such as building lobbies and rest areas. Many others, more knowledgeable about the trend and its implications, when they see a Noguchi table they know that they’re facing one of the most iconic models of the twentieth century and one of the most representative pieces of its style.

The best-known piece by Isamu Noguchi was first introduced in 1947 by the Herman Miller brand, and from the first moment it stood out for its attributes and for the innovative proposal it represented. The piece has been in continuous production since then and, as expected, it has given rise to all kinds of replicas manufactured and sold by different stores and companies around the world, some of them made with very good quality materials, surprisingly faithful to the original model, and priced to represent a fraction of the original product.