Barcelona Daybed vs Sofa Beds

If you are considering investing in a Sofa Bed or a Daybed, both furniture pieces may bring you to relax and comfort, but, is convenient for you to differentiate very well what can you do with them.

Sofa beds and Daybeds are slightly different pieces that apply for slightly different purposes. Sofa beds are fully convertible pieces, while daybeds are static and serve only the way are presented (though some may have a trundled bed below).

So, a Sofa Bed will serve in the day as a full range sofa, and as a bed at night for guests. You will have to extract its trundled bed at night and save it in the morning.

With daybeds, it will always will show its bed function. You decide if you want it for afternoon snaps or for lounge nights, but always looking to recline and relax. Due to many models have that 3 sides frame (back and arms, like a sofa), you can sit very comfortable, too.

In both cases, not all sofa beds or daybeds are suitable for all spaces. They can be a little messy with all the sheets and pillows. Unless you look for a Barcelona Daybed. Elegant, sleeker, and comfortable, and suitable for the most exclusive spaces due to its beautiful design.

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