A practical guide to your Barcelona Ottoman

An Ottoman is a very popular choice of décor. Used equally in living rooms and bedrooms, its versatility makes it a favorite of all décor lovers.
You will find it difficult that an Ottoman disappoints you, but there are two or three things to consider when you buy one.

First, there are a lot of models in Ottomans, with different functionalities. Why do you want an Ottoman? Do you want a relaxing spot to rest your feet on when arriving home? Or do you see your Ottoman as a coffee table to place some magazines?. Relaxing Ottomans are small and compact but bring beauty and can fill voids in your space.  Storage Ottomans are greater and can be used in several spaces like bedrooms and family rooms. The Barcelona Ottoman by Manhattan Home Design, for example, is compact, beautiful, and small, designed to bring beauty to your room while you rest your feet in there. It can be used as an occasional storage surface, for magazines, for example.

Second, measure. Some Ottomans are small and some have a considerable height and size, so be careful of buying something proportionate to your living room measures. If you want a relaxing Ottoman, it has to be smaller than the height of your favorite seat (sofa or chair), to really make you feel comfortable. But if you want an Ottoman to store or to use it as a center table, they can be pretty large. While they are rounded most of the time, and that favors a good circulation of people in your space, it can be a little messy if it’s too close to another side table or lamp.

Third, think in style. There are myriads of different Ottomans out there. But do they make your space a better place?.If your place is Mid Century Modern, for example, a Barcelona Ottoman fits perfectly because we are talking about the same style. Wooden furniture and bright colors are balanced with a solid, elegant leather piece.
Think, for example, in other styles. A Scandi bedroom with all the white walls and clear wood, won’t be well harmonized with a red velvet Ottoman. So it’s better to match your styles to obtain a good effect.

Why Choosing a Barcelona Ottoman?

Let’s share some thoughts about the convenience of a Barcelona Ottoman in functionality, space, and décor.

1. Versatile in functionality. An Ottoman works for you to relax. At the end of a hard workday, get a moment for you in your favorite chair, and chill your thoughts while your Ottoman supports your feet. Don’t you deserve it?. But this is not all of it. It’s perfect to offer a little surface storage spot ( for a couple of magazines).

2. Versatile in space. Who said that a Barcelona Ottoman belongs only to a living room?. Certainly, it fits very well as a spot for relaxation, but the Ottomans are very popular at the side of your bed as a support point for your feet. Living rooms, bedrooms and even outdoor decks are all spaces where the Barcelona Ottoman has the potential to complement as a decorative object or to fill an empty spot.

3. Versatile in décor. Do you have a room that is too dark, with a lot of wood panels, leather furniture, and a heavy environment?  Take a white Barcelona Ottoman and place it in the middle of the room. It will bring you a lighter vibe with elegance and style. But you can do it otherwise. If your room is excessively bright, or it features many white tones due to curtains, white walls, or clear furniture, you can use your Barcelona Ottoman to make an accent statement. With color choices from white to black or yellow, a dark Barcelona Ottoman is a good tool that adds balance to a white surrounded room. 

If you want to enjoy the experience of a great replica of the Barcelona Ottoman, don’t lose the opportunity and go to Manhattan Home Design, the best alternative in the market for replicas of Mid Century Modern Style.