Barcelona Chair: Why does its design change so little in all this time?

The stability of a design is something really characteristic of classic, permanent designs. Good design tends to be stable and it doesn’t change, or changes in very subtle ways. Think about the Barcelona Chair, designed in 1929, and still relevant in the world of interior design.
But good design is more than two words. Good design has to accomplish some criteria. 
A good design must be functional, to do something useful, with purpose. Good design builds something useful for someone.
But that is not enough. A good design must be efficient, too. It has to do something useful in a way that allows it to reach a larger number of people. It has to be sustainable. And at last, but not least important, a good design is always beautiful. This is something that must evolve naturally as a consequence of an efficient allocation of materials and resources, and its functional orientation.
Let’s take for example one of the most influential designs of all time: The iPhone. At least with XX years since its release in the market, the iPhone has an external face that has barely changed in all this time. Beyond the different sizes, the unique, simple silhouette of the iPhone always keeps its main focal points in its middle button on the front side; its cameras in the backside, and of course its advanced high technology screen. 
Something similar happens with the Barcelona Chair. Designed in 1929, it barely had significant changes with time. Originally conceived as a throne, due for the visit of Alphonso XIII at the International Exposition of Barcelona at that time, you can compare the Original version with the current model, and you will find out that some materials may have changed, but the concept is exactly the same. While leather in the original version was pigskin, one standard material of the time, now is pure full-grain leather. On the other side, the shape of the frame remains intact, made all the time with stainless steel. 
Even though there were some changes through time, the essential design of the Barcelona Chair remained unchanged. The “X” frame kept its shape and is still holding a set of hand-tufted leather cushions. With time, of course, both design houses and replica’s stores made significant progress on technics of tufting or in the conservation of leather, but in the end, you can tell that the designs remain the same. 
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