How often should I replace my Barcelona Chair?

Replace a chair is something strongly related to the quality of your furniture.

For Design Houses with original designs, the warranty of a Mid Century Modern piece is 10 years at least. Nevertheless, these pieces of furniture are very endurable and are build with the best materials, so they can last a lot more than that.

For the market of replicas, the average time of use is about 5–7 years (the time of warranty), but due to its great standard of quality they may last easily 10 years.

For a low cost store, the moment of replacement will be with security sooner than you expected. Low ends and poor materials will show its weakness at one year or less.

Your Barcelona Chair replica from Manhattan Home Design is a piece of furniture of great quality. True to the original design that is made with the purest full grain leather. That gives you the confidence in a piece endurable, beautiful, for many years.

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