Barcelona Chair: Royal Comfort

Its the year 1929, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the pioneer of Modernism, was in charge of the famous German Pavillion of the International Exposition of Barcelona.

That Pavillion was a revolution in the world of design for its use of space and materials, but, unexpectedly, some “minor” exhibits emerged like classics of the furniture, like the Barcelona Chair.

Originally made to allow some rest to the Kings of Spain if they visit the Pavillion, the Barcelona Chair was an accomplishment in design due to its use of industrial materials, and its ‘X’ shape, made with reminiscences of the ancient Rome.

Barcelona Chair blue
A symbol of comfort and good taste: The Barcelona Chair

According to van der Rohe, he tried to make a chair worth of a King, but with affordable materials. It was so true, that almost a hundred years from that time, the Barcelona Chair is still one of the most desired pieces of furniture.

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