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Barcelona Daybed Interior Design Tips

A daybed can be a very versatile and enjoyable item to do interior design with. This is especially true if you’re looking to add accent and style to your living room without much trouble in the process. A daybed is also one of those furniture items that appears specifically designed for living rooms, even though there are a lot of daybeds that were designed for outdoor uses. So, how can you make the best of the one you already have or place a new one around your home? Let’s find out.

The perfect example of a mid-century modern daybed is, of course, the incredibly beautiful Barcelona Daybed. Designed by Mies van der Rohe for American architect Philip Johnson asked him to design his New York City apartment. He took it as an opportunity to employ some of his newly created furniture designs Stateside. It turns out that the project would result in yet another icon, its given name: Daybed.

The Barcelona Designs Barcelona Daybed replica is a furniture piece that you should start to consider including one in your home or office if you don’t already own one. But if you’re looking for other mid-century modern classics at an affordable price, you can look into other recognized sellers!

Where and how to use a daybed

Traditionally, a Daybed is meant to be placed against a wall. With the Barcelona Daybed, you can forget all about this, especially if the room you plan to place it in is big enough to handle it as a centerpiece. One thing you should avoid do is think of the daybed as your regular bed, which stretches vertically from the wall. 

One of the most magical parts of the daybed is that can be set horizontal to the wall, as the edge of a square-shaped living room configuration, and in any other position you choose. 

Because the Daybed is backless, it can be placed anywhere in the room without creating friction. Is doesn’t get in the way of the view through windows when your home has floor to roof windows, and it doesn’t fully close space so you can use it in the center of the rest of the furniture pieces. 

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This daybed can also double as a sofa, but we have to admit that this can be a little counterproductive. Especially since they usually don’t feature backs to assume a sitting position, you’re meant to lie on them, most of the time. The seating part is mostly casual, the daybed can be a very helpful item for resting. 

We suggest you keep comfy throw pillows and blankets nearby on a sofa or armchair. You could also have them over the Daybed, but we feel that takes away attention and blurs the beauty behind the chair. In which case you should abstain from hiding its naturally-occurring elegance and sleekness.

The flexibility and elegance of the Barcelona daybed

A great place to think about setting the Barcelona daybed is somewhere near the entrance to your living space. This would make it appear more casual in your home since the daybed’s main intention is for unwinding in peace and comfort. 

Daybeds without a head cushion are just a big bench. This particular feature makes them perfect for a quick nap or a long reading session. As such, Barcelona’s daybeds are perfect for pairing with arched floor lamps, with the ability to create a personal resting and relaxation area that fulfills the original purpose of the lounge chair and ottoman, for example.

A Barcelona daybed can also be a very comfortable item for a study, home office, or library room, providing you with essentially a second bed for those days in which you just can’t catch a break, exit your home office, or you’re just too tired and need some relaxation time to gather the will to take the tiresome walk towards your actual bedroom. 

Daybeds in the living room also pair well with coffee tables, couches, and even plants. But be careful with what you place near your daybed, spillages (and falls) can be dangerous. 

You must remember to enjoy your daybed as much as you possibly can. That is what it was originally designed for, after all. Because let’s be honest, if this Daybed wasn’t designed for absolute comfort and happiness in your home, what could it have possibly been created for? 

Few furniture items are as functional and simple in its mission while remaining ever so elegant, ornate, and appealing. If there is ever a furniture piece you should count to have on your home for full-on comfort and beauty, this Daybed is it! 

Don’t forget to pair this beauty with the rest of the wonderful pieces from the Barcelona Collection which includes the Barcelona Chair and Table. This collection will make any room feel sleek and modern no matter what you do, just remember to keep comfort and your decoration taste in mind! 

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