3 Ways You Can Achieve Hygge In Your Home With A Le Corbusier Sofa & More! (II/II)

In the previous post, we showed you what “hygge” was all about and mentioned the first step you can take when you want to make your home more hygge. Now we will see the other two ways to create a cozy home and we will show you some examples of Pinterest designers, in order to inspire you and start this 2021 with better feet. Let us begin!

  1. Include natural materials within your design

Include a piece like a Le Corbusier chair

This is another great way to show a cozy place. Include a piece like a Le Corbusier chair! By including wood, aniline leather, rattan, and other natural fibers or wood-like materials, you will instantly create an environment with a smooth texture, turning your space into a “hygge” space.

Let’s look at this cozy example below:

Source: homeadore.com

Both chairs are LC2 chairs, a design made by le Corbusier. See how cozy and warm the space feels with a texture like an aniline leather?

  1. Include nature

Indoor greenery is always welcome when you want to create a peaceful environment. The plants are definitely hyggelig. They purify and make the air flows.