3 Ways You Can Achieve Hygge In Your Home With A Le Corbusier Sofa & More! (I/II)

Get to know the LC2 sofa and more options for furniture and arrangements to hygge your home!

Today we are going to talk about one of the most famous Danish terms: Hygge. This term became very popular around 2016 when many people used the hashtag showing their super “cozy” places. This 2021 this term has been a trend again, basically due to pandemic reasons. Being somehow locked in our homes, makes us want to improve them and implement the furniture and spaces necessary to lead a comfortable life within the home.

The term hygge basically refers to configuring your surroundings in the most comfortable way possible, always seeking simplicity and the implementation of elements that evoke peace. This also refers to a lifestyle, where the foundation is to appreciate and enjoy the simplicities of life such as talking with your loved ones, smelling the sweet aroma of flowers, among other things.

Next, we will see three simple ways to implement the fundamentals of hygge within your home. Let’s see.

  1. Add minimalist pieces like a Le Corbusier sofa

Minimalist furniture takes simplicity and turns it into something aesthetic and beautiful. A Le Corbusier sofa such as the LC2 sofa will help you in the way of making your home more “hyggelig”

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