3 Facts About Barcelona Bench You Need To Know Before Buying It

Wanting to buy a Barcelona Bench? Check these 3 facts about it and falling in love with it!

  1. Barcelona Bench Creator

Mies van der Rohe is recognized internationally for his architecture and his furniture alike. He was a German-American architect who design -together with its partners- the Barcelona chair presented at the Barcelona exhibition. He became so popular after that exhibition that he decided to make a whole collection which called: The Barcelona Collection.

One of the members of this collection is the Barcelona Bench. An Iconic masterpiece that shows only simplicity and elegance. Made from the finest leather; gorgeous Italian Aniline Leather Upholstery, and a solid stainless steel frame.

  1. It’s small but enough dimensions

So after giving you a bit of background on this unit, you should know that it fits in any living room or office, its small size makes it as versatile as no other bench!

The Barcelona Bench dimensions are:

  • Overall Depth: 16″
  • Overall Width: 50″
  • Seat Height: 19″
  1. High-quality steel details 

Legs are polished tubular stainless steel, as a mid-century icon, Mies put the best materials on this member of its collection. These details will definitely give you a luxurious look!