Are You Buying an Arco Lamp? Check This Top 5 Best-Kept Secrets of Interior Design

The remodeling process can turn into a labyrinth with a bunch of alternative ways. What color should be proper for my walls? This fixture works well with the rest of the style? I should add drapes or blinds? It doesn’t matter if you have an Arco lamp installed in the best spot of your room, if you think that free space is well managed in there, or you have chosen a good furniture but you are not too sure where to place it: there could be something still missing, and you probably don’t even know what it is. If that’s your case, let’s hear what pros have to say!

Arco lamp
Source: Manhattan Home Design

It’s never a bad thing to check out what others have done; besides, that can work as a source of inspiration, especially if they’ve been doing a wonderful job with just a few resources. When it comes to decoration and remodeling, those are precisely the type of references you should take into account. Whether you are transforming your interior’s layout right now or planning to do it very soon, take note of these top 5 best-kept secrets of interior design and get an outstanding makeover:

1.- Colors: the language of your style. Surely, knowing which color to choose is one of the most difficult questions to clear, especially since, once you have invested your money in the chosen paint, there seems to be no turning back, even if the results, in principle, don’t seem to be the expected. Taking care of the harmony in the color palette, knowing how to use dark and light tones depending on the amount of natural and artificial lighting you have and making sure that everything keeps a relationship in terms of tones is key to give your spaces a defined and balanced style. A very valid hack used by professional interior decorators is to apply paint swatches on scraps of cardboard and move them around the room throughout the day. Then, they can observe how they look in different corners of the space. If you are not sure about a color, paint a swatch and observe how the shade looks in different light conditions. You’ll find this very useful!

2.- Light switches make a difference. Although it may not seem like it, the style of the switches you have on your walls can add or greatly detract from the general appearance of the interior designs of your home. Electricity switches are usually in very visible spots within a place, and usually, a professional decorator will pay close attention to the style you will choose for those switches of the design you are making. Just imagine an ultramodern living room with switches that look like the beginning of the last century. If you update your light switches with elegant controls and sophisticated design you will be adding a spectacular element to an older home or solid character to a new one.

Arco lamp
Source: Barcelona Designs

3.- Ancient buildings: they have a lot to say. Old buildings are full of patterns, elements, styles and aesthetic properties from which you can get a lot of inspiration. It’s not about going back to basics directly and making your house not seem to correspond with the era in which it exists, but not for nothing there are some styles like the Mid-Century Modern that has been in force for so long and being the favorite of thousands of people. High ceilings, very large windows, floors with designs full of sober patterns, classic doors, chandeliers… there will always be an element of antiquity that can add a very attractive touch to your decoration. Your task will be to discover exactly which one is the most convenient for your layout.

Arco lamp
Source: Manhattan Home Design

4.- A large painting can make a big view. Surely, you were once recommended to place a small piece of art to cover a wall of a living room not so large. Well, you should know that quite the contrary, a very large piece of art produces the visual sensation that space is wider than it really is. Although it’s a kind of optical illusion, the most important thing is that the piece of art you choose meets both properties: that it can match the rest of the colors present in the place and at the same time can cover the wall from one end to another. In addition, if the piece is very attractive, you will be adding a focal point to your living room.

5.- The sofa: the main star of the show. There are several reasons that make the sofa the main star of the stage: in general, it’s the first thing that people who enter your living room notice, which makes it the most common focal point of any living room, it’s an element which also communicates style and whose colors are usually decisive in the way the entire picture will look. However, not everything is about style, but also about space, and professional designers know this very well. If your room is large, try not to skimp on expenses when purchasing a very large sofa. Also, make sure that it’s well-positioned within the floor plan that you should have previously drawn.

This is just a list that covers a few strategies to save you time and effort in your remodeling process, but more than that, to avoid making false steps and help you avoid the less convenient decisions. Whatever style of decoration you want to adopt, always make sure you listen to the voice of those who have more experience and critical eye so that your design can be top-notch.

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