Barcelona Bench 3 Seater: How to get the most of it.

Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the founding fathers of the Modernism, and one of the trademarks of what we call Mid Century Modern, the Barcelona Bench 3 Seater is one of the classic pieces of Interior Design and is always a good resource to get the most of your space, with class and comfort.

Barcelona Bench 3 Seater
Source: Manhattan Home Design
Barcelona Bench 3 Seater

What to expect of this classic design? Its own functionality and beauty speak for itself, but, let’s say a couple of words.

At your bed. An excellent partner besides your bed, a Barcelona bench will give the extra comfort needed to support your feet, or to help you to wake up from a deep sleep, while you decide what to do with the rest of the day.

A cozy center table. If your living room is often a pole of attraction for your friends and family, a Barcelona Bench could be an excellent partner. With its beautiful design in black or white leather, it can perform as a center table, adding some magazines and cushions on it. And if suddenly the place gets crowded with guests, voila, you just have three more seats, so nobody stands still.

Fits in your bedroom and your living room. The Barcelona Bench 3 Seater.
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Barcelona Bench Seater. Available in Manhattan Home Design

  A sidekick in the bathroom. If the measure of your bathroom is suitable, a Barcelona Bench with two or three seats brings you extra comfort in moments when you need the most privacy. If you are interested in this excellent product you can find it in Manhattan Home Design for an affordable price.