What furniture trends will go away in 2021?

In Interior Design some trends arrive to stay for years, while others seem to come and go away (Think about mirrors in furniture). Mid Century Modern style, with all the classic design pieces from that time, like the Barcelona Chair, appeared originally in the beginnings of the 1950s in America, to temporarily go away in the 1970s and 1980s, and get back with strength at the end ok 1990s, until now.

But some designers think that several trends that made it in 2020 will fade and disappear. Let’s take a look. What do you think?

The Total Open House Concept

Working From Home became a real fact for many people around the globe. This 2020 has been hard proof about it. But maybe we find that some limits have to be settled to really feel comfortable. Working from home may result in a very different experience if you live alone or even with your partner; or if you live with your kids or your extended family. Some privacy arrangements can make it, to allow you to focus on your work.  How to split your space or make sections will help you to find that balance? Maybe the answer is on the side of certain tools, like room dividers, or curtains.

 Open storage

Well, this is a trend that has some time fading slowly, but this 2021 may finally set its final. Open storage, whether in the kitchen or the living room, is out now. According to designers, open storage has against itself that it shows too much, and it requires a thoughtful sense of order, because, it shows off a lot. So, why to spent so much time getting things in order, when you can just use closed storage to save time and effort while keeping your place beautiful, with the new color options and closed models of 2021?

The End of the Standardized Room.

There are so many options right now to make your room unique, or one of a kind, that its almost  a must for everyone, to customize some of it and bring personality and life. Furniture and décor have evolved too much to bring you tools to customize your space. Besides your own personal journey can’t be out. With the proper balance, some personal details in your room, Living room, or any space of your house, can be used to bring that especial touch. It’s over for décor like the cover of a magazine.

The end of the dining room?

Is becoming year after year as one reality.  The dining room is losing relevancy against other spaces. First, it has to do with the macro trend of the open concept house. With an open house, there is less incentive to use a specific room, when you can gather around the very kitchen. Second, the rise of the kitchen island has a lot to do, too. Third, the formality of living rooms goes against the trend of multi-use spaces, driven by the rise of the Home Office.

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