The Le Corbusier Collection Are The Furniture Pieces You Need To Create An Elegant Look (I/II)

We will present you with the Le Corbusier chair and more pieces from this collection! 

Have you ever imagined having an elegant decoration inside your home? Those that seem to be out of a magazine and make you feel like in a celebrity house. If yes, you are on the right blog! Because today we have summarized the main pieces from the Le Corbusier collection such as the LC2 chair that will be really helpful in your way of creating a luxurious place. 

The Le Corbusier collection is formed with modern and gorgeous pieces that will be the focal point in any space. These pieces are fully upholstered with aniline leather and filled with high-dene foam. Both materials are at the top of the furniture market so you will not only be acquiring a designer piece but also a comfortable and ergonomic one. These pieces include the following features:

  • Dimensions:27″H x 59″W x 29″D
  • Product Weight:70lbs.
  • A-frame made of stainless steel 

The frame is the main attraction of this piece because it irradiates its surroundings with the shine of the metal.

So what can you do with the Le Corbusier furniture pieces? Click on the link to know more about it.