The Barcelona Sofa: A great design, extended.

The Barcelona Collection is one of the most popular lines sold by Barcelona Designs. The acclaimed line includes the  Barcelona Chair ; the Barcelona Bench; the Barcelona Table, and the Barcelona Ottoman.

The Barcelona Sofa is the extension, up to three seats of the Barcelona Chair. All Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts know that the Barcelona Chair was designed in 1929 by L. Mies van der Rohe.

With the idea of ​​a royal tent seat in mind, van der Rohe created an iconic “X” shaped frame, made of stainless steel, and its characteristic black leather upholstery and cushions that made it a hallmark of furniture world from the start.

Using the chair as a prototype, van der Rohe expanded the concept to a two-seats version (The Barcelona love seat), and a three-seat version (The Barcelona Sofa). Nevertheless, the other elements of the original Design remain equal.

With a road paved with the satisfaction of its clients since 2005, fifteen years is only the beginning for Barcelona Designs and the love for good furniture.