The Barcelona Daybed: Where and when to use it

Elegant, of a clean-cut and a stylish silhouette, the Barcelona Daybed is a privilege reserved to those who appreciate comfort and class. Maybe you are interested in this marvelous piece of design while having some doubts about the best way to get the most of it.

Great in great spaces, great decor

The Barcelona Daybed, rendering its name is a beautiful piece of furniture to relax and to enjoy. It has a clean-cut line, ending in a characteristic rounded bolster. Its design invites us to feel free and look on the horizon while we rest. 

Large halls, great living rooms, wide bathrooms are ideal spaces for the Barcelona Daybed. Below a wide window, it creates a very nice effect of freedom and relaxation, without; offering extra seats without overcrowding the room. 

Crafted in fine Aniline leather, the Barcelona Daybed looks its royal charm mostly in classic white or black. Its solid and elegant presence can be complemented with throws or cushions of color to complement your space. Its discrete but noticeable presence is excellent too as a tool to bring clarity in a dark space (using your white Barcelona Daybed), or making a solid statement in clear, white space (using your black Barcelona Daybed).

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