The Barcelona Chair, Mid Century Modern, and a book.

Can a book make the difference and to boost a whole trend in Interior Design worldwide? Maybe there is something to think about.

Right in 1984, Cara Greenberg, an art Author, published “Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s”.  In her book, Greenberg presented to the reader of that decade, the minds and the works of that period of time (A lapse between 1939 and 1960, approximately), highlighting the elegance, beauty, and functionality of pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair, or the Barcelona Chair.

The book was an instantaneous sales success, making it to the New York Times most read books of 1985. But the curious thing is that in the 1980s, the mainstream public wasn’t in touch with that style. It fades in the beginnings of the 1970s.  But one of the greatest achievements of this book was its title:  the term Mid Century Modern never was used before.

Previously the term Modernism was more accepted. But with Mid Century Modern Cara Greenberg found a way that could sum up what she meant to describe a period in the history of design. This term was taken very quickly by scholars, enthusiasts, and the general public.

This interest in the 1950s, its art, and expressions, grew steadily at the end of the 1980s and the 1990s, and by the end of this decade, Mid Century Modern was a popular category and a major force in the world of Interior Design. TV series, movies, advertising, started to display MCM  furniture all over. Original pieces of the Barcelona Chair were sold for fortunes in auction houses. Many people argue that the term Mid Century Modern was the spark that ignited everything.

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