The Asher Bed: The Center Of Your Bedroom’s Good Vibes

The Asher bed is especially indicated to help you create a warm and pleasant environment, which you’ll find surprisingly cozy from the first moment. Within your bedroom design project, the most important thing is to choose elements that you really like, that identify your style, and with which you can feel most familiar. After all, it’s useless to have a modern bed frame that doesn’t contribute to your well-being, and that can allow you to find the best way to take advantage of the area in an aesthetic and functional sense. Colors and shapes are often of paramount importance, and a decisive influence on the way energies flow within your bedroom. Besides, the materials have a capital relevance, especially if it’s a highly elegant and functional wood bed frame.

Have you noticed the amazing feelings that a significant change you make in the design of your bedroom can generate in your mood? Changing the platform bed frame can be as important a step as changing the color scheme or getting rid of elements that are not fulfilling any specific function to favor the minimalist spirit of the decor. Besides, Feng Shui specialists and experts in the most subliminal aspects of energy management ensure that placing your mid-century bed frame in a position that allows you to observe the entrance door when you are lying down is a convenient way to favor an environment to let good energies flow in the right direction.