Pros & Cons Of Acquiring Mid-Century Furniture Online: Cons

In the previous blog, we showed you the main benefits of acquiring mid-century furniture online like Egg chairs or any other pieces. So if you haven’t read it yet, we recommend you to do it in order to receive better information. Now, like with everything in life, here comes the cons of buying furniture online. 

Disadvantages of buying furniture online

There are not many disadvantages of buying furniture online, but the ones that exist are enough for you to reconsider your decisions. These are the main ones:

  • Your final choice should depend on other people’s reviews. As you will not be able to see the physical product before buying it, it will be necessary to inquire among the reviews of other buyers.
  • You have more risk of scam. Currently there are many fake websites where they can take your money or promise something that they will never deliver.
  • You cannot check the texture yourself. In the event that for example you want to purchase an Egg chair, it will be impossible for you to verify the quality of leather or fabric that the piece has.

What do you think of these cons? Do you prefer to buy online or offline? Comment below!