Mid Century Modern Chairs: The persistence of classics

Time is the final test. Whether in arts, design or any field of human endeavors, a classic is something that every generation finds worthy and somehow new.

Is this what happens with Mid Century Modern furniture. MCM, as it has been called too, had significant momentum in the 1960s, with a huge influence on all the spectra of arts and architecture of that time. After a relative decay in the 1970s, design students and art critics in the late 80s took back the interest in MCM as a special Vintage period, and by the 1990’s Mid Century Modern was an established trend that broke the walls of nostalgia, becoming a major fashion force in furniture all over the world.

The Barcelona Chair and the Eames Office Chair are perfect examples of this renovation.  The Barcelona Chair was designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1929 for the International Exposition of Barcelona. The characteristic “X” shape frame and the sober but comfortable design made it a hallmark of furniture. Originally elaborated for the Kings of Spain, Van der Rohe stated several times that he searched for inspiration in the Roman Empire tents. The Barcelona Chair complements and grows with the Barcelona Loveseat (Two seats) and the Barcelona Sofa. These chairs became so popular that they even appeared in several blockbuster movies (American Psycho and Casino Royale, just to name a couple).

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