Leather + Barcelona Sofa: Regular Maintenance tips

A Barcelona Sofa isn’t just a stunning piece due to its wonderful design. The feeling of the best leather is without a doubt a great part of the experience.

For years the process of producing Italian leather has been quite interesting because they have used vegetable tanned leathers and have used a mineral process during its production. One of the main characteristics of great Italian leather is that to create it they use “full grain hides and process them in a way that produces a softer and more flexible leather than other vegetable tanning methods”.

Aniline is the method of dye used by Barcelona Design to be sure that all the right properties of leather are kept. Its wrinkles and relief and even scent stays just the way they should be.

But every wonderful design requires certain maintenance routines. Follow them and your will see effortlessly how you Barcelona Sofa pass the test of time.

Regular cleaning

Clean regularly your Barcelona Sofa replica using the driest method possible. What does it mean? This mostly means a soft, hand-held vacuum and dry cloth. If you have mild spots you can humidify the utensil very lightly but always avoid any excess of wetness and avoid chemicals! Leather breathes, So, be careful.

Place the Barcelona sofa in a safe place

Italian leather is very delicate and susceptible to humidity and heat. So to avoid any damage and extend its useful life, move the Barcelona sofa away from the fireplace or direct sunlight.

Protect your Italian leather by covering it

In addition to protecting the leather from dirt and moisture, the coating can also function as a decorative element. If you have guests or children, this is great protection against any scratches.

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