How To Decorate A Room With White Walls | Tips & Furniture Replicas (II/II)

We would like you to read the previous blog in case you haven’t already. There we talked about the benefits of white walls and how a Womb chair can liven up a room. Now we will see more ways to decorate your spaces when you have white rooms. Let ‘s start!

Create a contrast with colors and textures

You can implement a vivid color such as blue or gray with accessories and even furniture. 

Source: Houzz

Here is a perfect example of contrast between the white of the walls and the bold and vivid fucsia of the Womb chair. As you can the lounge chair is functioning like a focal point in the room. Besides an implementation like this -with furniture- you can also add texture in the walls, rugs or cushions. 

Use architectural and striking details

You may think that white is boring but you change the course. Add architectural details in the walls or any other strategic space. Be creative!

Try with a mural

There is no better option to add a mural than to do it in a white room. The piece will shine like a star and will attract everyone’s attention. So if you are an art lover, this is a great way.