Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: What happened in 2020 in Interior Design? (I/II)

2020 was a singular year from any perspective. Our lives were affected in unprecedented ways we couldn’t imagine just weeks before the beginning of February.

There were many changes in the daily life of most of the world’s population, and one of the new realities we face is to spend much more time in our homes, in the company of our beloved ones. 

Does this new reality affected our preferences and needs in furniture and Interior Design?. It’s very probably to observe some changes. But let’s see what design trends were mentioned early in 2020.

More nature, more greener. 

Without entering in these pandemic times, already green and bigger plants were considered as a growing trend for 2020, and it was. This singular time has made us appreciate mother Nature each time more and more. Plants are welcome in all spaces. Green plants, not only flowers, are each time in more demand. Especially big ones. But there are classics that never fade: Snake plant, Figus, Aloe Vera. Big plants are welcomed not only in the living room and entry room but in all the spaces, even in spaces more reserved before, like your bedroom. 

Wood, natural materials.

The same happened with wood. Always at the peak of the trends. With maybe the only exception of the heavy wood panels, which are too much exploited, wood stayed as star member decor. Mid Century Modern, Coastal Living, and Scandinavian have it always as preferred material of furniture.

Lightwoods were expected to rise big, and it was.  Cane, wicker, rattan, are now all over the place, though the Peacock chair is still in the middle of its announced comeback.

Rounded furniture

The trend for rounded sofas and chairs is still popular. This trend is used mostly with microfiber or cotton upholstered furniture, and it has some freedom of color. Rounded furniture is soft to the touch and more friendly when you came across between them. On the other hand, rounded shapes are more difficult to manufacture, and this increases their costs. In spite of its novelty and fresh look, it’s good to be aware that exotic, flamboyant designs, tend to fade sooner than classic options; so there is a risk that you end keeping an exotic piece for more time than you really want. Will this trend survive in 2021, with a more classical approach?

Mid Century Modern still alive

Many times given for dead, Mid Century Modern survived comfortably this year, according to the most recent polls.  Suitable for small spaces, with it’s beautiful, clean-cut lines, Mid Century Modern and its archifamous furniture pieces, like the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, or the Barcelona Chair, it looks like Mid Century Modern will stay a while a little more with us.

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