Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Rise of the Kitchen Island

They are more popular than ever. Unexpectedly, they are in the center of the action. Whether on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, TV, and movies. The kitchen island is the new center of gravity of the modern house. An in the current times it appears to be only growing. 

The kitchen island is a separate build-in in the kitchen area where you can set some essential utilities and appliances to make your work in the kitchen easier, without losing touch with the rest of the people in the kitchen and the apartment. In the kitchen island, you can cook and serve your plates to your guests and family, facing the living room or dining room.

This is a trend that has several decades already, but right now is gaining more momentum. In its apparition in the 1990s, it was quite a major change comparing to the closed work-oriented kitchens from the 1960s and 1970s. 

Why are the kitchen islands so trendy right now?

Living in these multimedia times, the social networks are full of celebrities that enjoying to make live segments from their homes. Whether with their guests, pals, relatives, Instagram Facebook, TikTok, and so on provide us with myriads of segments where the proud host shares a relaxed evening around the kitchen table. This has propelled the popularity of it to unexpected levels. 

One fine example of this trend was starred by Nancy Meyers, Movie Director of classic films like Someone’s gotta give. In an Instagram post, she showed her kitchen island, which it happens to be identical to another used in an iconic scene of this movie. That was an extraordinary popular post; nevertheless, the rise of the post received a second rise when Meyers declared in an interview for Vanity Fair that she has not one, but two identical islands in the same space. One kitchen island to cook, and another one to serve. 

On the other hand, other celebrities enjoy making live transmissions cooking and serving for their relatives and pals in-home, around the kitchen island, like Gok Wan, a British fashion consultant (@gokwan) that likes to held parties in its apartment, and built a unique kitchen island with a DJ Mixer console incorporated, so he keeps music and food very close an in control.

The kitchen island promotes an interesting way to prepare food, share it, and enjoy it. On the Kitchen island there is movement, fun and the dynamic participation of every people in the house. After the evening finishes, get relaxed in your Barcelona Chair and see satisfied how cool all turned out. 

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