Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: Is the Dining Room fading away?

It looks like something that is becoming clear and more clear every year:  Dining Rooms aren’t that important, they are less relevant to the house of today, and tomorrow.

Back in its heyday, dining rooms were the epicenter of the house. People gather around at every meal time, to watch themselves and eat, while they share the last news of the week.

But now, several forces are aligned to displace the living room. Let’s see

  1. The rise of kitchen island. They are every time popular and popular. Kitchen islands are so popular that even very famous  influencers and celebrities  make this point from their houses like the personal spot to be live
  2. The Open Concept House. A design trend that apparently is here to stay, the open house tend to incentive people to gather instead around the kitchen, whether in little and less formal diner tables, or around a kitchen island, people is rejecting formality in favor  of  functionality and dynamism.
  3.  The multispace is taking too some relevance and the formality of a dining room is not compatible with the daily needs of this pandemic times, with people that need to get the most of its space at different times of the day.

Time and trends come and go, but the Barcelona Chair is, since 1928, a fine example of timeless design for the lovers of beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity and get it in Barcelona Design, the alternative in Mid Century Modern style replicas.