Betty Drapper reclines in a Barcelona Daybed…Do you know the series?

Effectively, we are talking about Mad Men, the multi awarded TV Series starred by Jon Hamm (Don Drapper) and January Jones (Betty Drapper). The fever and enthusiasm around Mad Men by audiences around the world is only comparable to a one particular element of the series: the Mid Century Modern worldwide enthusiasm.Its true commitment to the correct historical account of the 1950s and 1960s is total. All TV sets decisions were made researching about the specific time of the year where the action is located, and this way not fall into anachronisms of any kind. 

The care and detailed method of work developed by the production team was such, that they even had all catalogs of furniture and home appliances from 1960 to 1970 in NYC for all kind of elements, like ashtrays and writing machines.
So, when Betty Draper goes to her psychoanalyst and reclines over a Barcelona Daybed, you can be sure that this is what the most people did in the 1960s

If you are considering to buy a Barcelona Daybed, keep in mind that it really is a classic staple. You will get the beauty of ancient days and the comfort of the best relaxing chair.

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