The Barcelona Chair in the Manga World

The popularity of the Barcelona Chair transcends the field of Design Enthusiasts, and that’s not something new. Several TV Series and movies portrayed the Barcelona Chair, like an elegant piece of furniture where their characters can relax and have a nice conversation. Mad Men (TV Series) or Casino Royale (Movie) share several scenes where the “X” shape of the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is an icon of style. 

But the popularity of the Barcelona Chair is not only based on traditional media. Even in the fascinating and complex world of manga (Japanese anime), you can see deep connections between the Barcelona Chair as a special chair for special people. Spy X Family Is a Japanese manga that portrays the life and miracles of one traditional family looking to get some harmony between their daily work and their opportunities to save the plant.

In that series, every main character has its own designed chair and uses it to relax and let go of its thoughts. Yuri, one of the characters of the  is the owner of a Barcelona Chair Replica and he really feels pleased to be seated in this golden place

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