A Barcelona Chair Replica, a real chair.

Maybe you are wondering what’s the chair you need. An original or a Barcelona chair replica?

Black Barcelona Chair and Ottoman
A Black Barcelona Chair and a Barcelona Ottoman

A question for the ages, but also one that we can properly solve without so many words. If you have enough money to buy yourself an original Barcelona chair, do it. In fact, if you did have money you’d have probably bought one already. But yet, here you are, reading about Barcelona replicas.

Why do you think that is?. The real problem lies on which replica to purchase since there are so many of them. Here we will focus on the benefits of getting yourself a good reproduction of the Barcelona chair, and how to do it properly.

Aside from saving yourself some money so you can keep buying furniture, a Barcelona Chair Replica will provide elegance and comfort to your space. It’s squared and firm, and even looks a little bulky, but it still fits anywhere without much hassle.

The Barcelona Chair is also an item of nobility, and your living space will surely benefit from this notion. For the price range, you can think about purchasing a couple of them to start experimenting with new ideas and designs from your home. They are easy to arrange, clean, and maintain.

How do I choose the appropriate Barcelona chair?

Google “Barcelona chair replica.” Be sure to include that last word or else you might just a get a handful of results from the original retailers, which sell these chairs at very high prices. Dig a little deeper and you’ll start seeing the lesser dealers, the ones that work with reproductions of the Barcelona chair.

Some of them will look great, some of them not so much. Pay attention to the way they describe their product, the more detail the better, but the details have to make sense. Average price range for a good replica is between $800 and $1200, try and stick to that range and you’ll avoid a lot of scams.

Read the site reviews, a good site will have a lot of good reviews and some bad reviews (which is completely normal). If the bad reviews point out to things like shipping delays or damages, but not the quality of the product itself, you’re good to go.

I already purchased my Barcelona Chair. How to take care of it?

The Barcelona chair started as a pigskin leather object and was later changed to regular cow. Now the technology in upholstery with Aniline Leather means a great improvement in quality, beauty and endurance, something that is not present in many versions of this item.

Suggesting a cleaning product might not be ideal, as your chair could be different from others. Ask the manufacturer about the upholstery and then think about buying cleaning products. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight. You can cover it with a blanket when you’re not home.

If you’re going to use plain water and a cloth try to dampen the cloth with a spray of water, instead of soaking it. You want the cloth to be humid so it can help you absorb the dust, but if it’s too wet, it will only damage the leather progressively.

Choose a good leather conditioner, think of it as after shave: sometimes it seems like you don’t need it, but in the long run, you start seeing the effects of constantly having used it. Try to steer away from chemical formulas that contain mineral oil or petroleum.

If you have an accidental spill, don’t use a lot of water, and keep your cleaning products at hand. Work on the stain before it dries out, but don’t expose the chair to a lot of heat. Clean it with care and you’ll see the results.

Interesting facts about the Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair is actually not “Bauhaus” style.

Even though Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich were Bauhaus contributors, the Barcelona chair deviates a little from the vision behind the collective.

Bauhaus was about innovation and function, which would ultimately lead to mass production, but the Barcelona chair was royal, expensive, and luxurious from the moment of conception.

Actually is a collaborative effort

The Barcelona Chair is actually the brainchild of Mies and influential interior designer and architect Lilly Reich. In fact, most of Mies’ designs during the 1930s were made in conjunction with Reich, as equals. It’s been said that if history was a little bit fairer, they would be known by Bauhaus fans as a couple (like the Eameses) rather than Mies and his “assistant.”

Home or Office?

Barcelona table replica
The Barcelona Chair fits perfect in Home or Professional spaces

Though many consider the Barcelona chair to be an item for luxury homes, in part thanks to recent marketing efforts and sales statistics, the lounger has been pretty popular in professional spaces since its inception.

Many people argue it truly belongs in public spaces, and that it is a waste to leave it alone on a small living room.

There’s only one original seller

Most original designs of mid-century furniture can only be purchased at certain sellers. For example, Herman Miller is the sole original manufacturer of the Eames Lounge chair. The Barcelona chair is Knoll’s property to this day, and everything else is considered a replica by the regular standards.

The rendering of the Barcelona Chair, by Barcelona Designs is made being faithful to the original indications of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. A great quality choice to make the difference in your space as an accent chair. 

If you want to enjoy the experience of a great replica of any of this masterpieces, don’t lose the opportunity and go to Barcelona Designs, the best alternative in the market of replicas of Mid Century Modern Style.