Who makes the Best Barcelona Chair Replica?

For furniture lovers, it’s hard to decide where to buy certain iconic items because most people will give good reviews about a not-so-good of a mid-century modern product. The Barcelona chair replica, for example, is want of the most copied products in history, and many of these copies don’t last more than a few years (while the original can last decades). Regardless, people will still spend thousands of dollars on them just to get some luxury into their houses.

The Barcelona chair replica is right up there with the Eames lounge chair replica when it comes to reproductions, so new buyers have to be wary about purchasing one. Here are some options that might prove useful for deciding:

Barcelona Designs

The guys at Barcelona Designs produce quality, true-to-design replicas of the Barcelona chair replica, and though the color palette is not as broad as in other manufacturers, the colors evoke the original design as well. It comes fully assembled and sports the same size and architectural specifications of the original Ludwig Mies van der Rohe product. The upholstery is premium Italian aniline leather (just like the real one) and premium-grade stainless steel for only $1149.

The version sold by Barcelona Designs really has no rival in quality and color choice. The materials are very resistant and full of inherent quality, and it is a perfect choice for people outside of the US who are looking to get as close as the original as they can. Barcelona Designs also has the entire Barcelona Collection of replicas, which includes the Barcelona table replica, the Barcelona ottoman replica, the Barcelona daybed replica, and new additions: the Barcelona loveseat, Barcelona sofa, and Barcelona benches that comes in two-seat and three-seat configuration.


A second option, the one sold by Modterior is a little cheaper than the first too and has good reviews, this doesn’t necessarily make it good, because you can always find reviews that speak a lot about a product’s certain features, but the value itself of the Barcelona chair replica is directly tied to how much it looks like the original, and Modterior’s option does not have the same measurements or finish. That also means that it doesn’t include high-density cushioning and protective pads for the legs, which makes the price increase that you see on Barcelona Designs much more understandable and its features more desirable for consumers, given that you could get more or less the same quality as you would get with the original seller for the Barcelona chair replica, only at a fifth of the original $6,000 that you would pay.


This website sells the cheapest version of the Barcelona chair replica and has options, one with the ottoman and another that’s just the chair. You can find just about any kind of Barcelona chair replica that you might dream of, but you will never find something that’s close to the original item by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The other two sites offer both the Barcelona chair replica and the Barcelona ottoman replica for a single price, which is how Ludwig Mies van der Rohe conceived it in the first place. The chair and ottoman combo from Barcelona Designs will give you the same quality and finish as the original but for half the price. If you buy from Amazon, be careful when choosing from the best-selling options, as people tend to look at price too much and give good reviews to the cheaper versions, something that ends up driving people away from the choices that are actually worth it. The Barcelona chair replica is an icon, and a replica should show it.