Your walls and your furniture

Walls are a real basic element in Interior Design, among the very bones of the structure of one space. Walls have a clear functional role, but they are perfect to show some décor and to express ourselves;  so all décor features are welcomed. As usual, balance is our best guiding principle, and is easy to tell when  one wall is overcharged with excess of portraits, shelves, or another element.

The relation wall – furniture is key to get a balanced room. When it comes to color, neutral hues are most of the time used in our walls to allow our  furniture shine by itself with bold choices. At the same time, walls may bring that special touch of contrasting color carrying our wall art,

High res photo or metal design. Among the most trendy wall elements for décor we have:

Macrame nets.

Very trendy nowadays, there are endless possibilities and models of hanging macramé nets bringing you a natural, warm experience when you see it every day. Macrame tend to be associated with light woods and clear colors, and is natural thinking in a Scandinavian décor as the ideal trend where Macrame can bright at its best. A Shell Chair is a great furniture addition in front of a wall with some macrame style.                                                              

Wall Art.

Traditionally wall art (paints, portraits, photographs) is a standard for almost every home. Walls are a great medium to expose or express our feelings and principles. Art is always well received. Nowadays,  High -Res photographs are a little passed; just like too extended personal or familiar images. Any image of set of images related to personal experiences and relations must be properly “cured, so you can show only the proper information. A colorful piece of furniture, like the Womb Chair, may fit really great in in a expressive set up.

Metal Wall Art.

An interesting choice that brings texture and beauty  to your wall. There are infinite possibilities in materials, designs aWomb Chair,nd size to get some character. You have to worry only about choosing an interesting theme, coherent with your style. Industrial furniture or Mid Century  Modern style are great trends to mix perfect with metal décor. The Barcelona Chair, with a stainless steel “X” shape frame and its black leather is a natural choice.


Once infamously popular in past decades (1940’s; 1960’s), it seems like that from time to time wallpapers come to be the sensation of décor and then loathed the next generation. This time looks like the stunning advances in printing, transform wallpapers into the ultimate décor tool. A Womb Chair, with it’s natural colorful design would work perfect with the right type of design.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the oportunity in Barcelona Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Sofa or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.