You Can Take Advantage of Small Spaces

Spaces of small dimensions can offer many advantages, especially if they’re going to be used by a few users who don’t require too much furniture. A small house or apartment, made for two or three people, probably with a sofa, a Noguchi table, an Arco lamp, and some additional piece that adds aesthetic and functional value such as an Eames Lounge Chair, is enough to make a space of reduced dimensions the ideal and most efficient environment to live.

If additional elements such as an Eames Office Chair are added to turn the place into a workspace, it must be done in a strategic and organized way so that space can perform efficiently. Some users who give multiple functions to the same compartment do so by dividing the schedules to be able to take optimal advantage of its capabilities. For example, they use it as a home office during the day and at night they rearrange the furniture for entertainment functions. Applying ingenuity, smart logistics, and the right furniture can help you get the most out of your home, no matter how big it is.

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