You Can Choose An LC3 Sofa Replica As A Central Piece Of Your Living Room

The replicas are usually a perfect option when you are short of budget but you are a fan of classic pieces that are considered timeless. These replicas, although they are not the originals, the high-end ones closely resemble those of the original model. They try to use the same molding techniques and recreate the structures to produce a stunning piece.

If you are a fan of interior design you perhaps know who Le Corbusier and the LC3 sofa is. In case not, he was a famous architect who had a remarkable history within the modern movement. He created a whole collection who revolutionized the industry of furniture design. 

The LC3 sofa is a piece that has been on the market for a long time. 

Stores like Manhattan Home Design offer affordable replicas including the Le Corbusier sofa or LC3. This piece includes features such as:

Stainless steel.

High-density foam as a filler.

Thick cushions.

Aniline leather.

Dimensions:27″H x 82″W x 29″D

Product Weight:125lbs.

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