Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: The Center Of Your Maximalist Layout

Let’s be honest: the styles that are more open to experimentation are the ones we like the most. Either because of the innumerable advantages and possibilities they offer in a creative sense, or because they reduce the chances that we will ruin a space if things don’t turn out as we originally imagined them, the truth is that these are the most loved trends. In this sense, Maximalism can be the perfect way to adapt your living room so that it’s the perfect environment not only for your Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa but also for the rest of the elements of the floor plan.

The most popular decorating trends in recent years have been mostly minimalist, but Maximalism is always worth giving a shot. If the premise of Minimalism is “less is more”, Maximalism is based on the opposite idea: the more elements can be added, the better the result. 

You can surround your sturdy midcentury sofa with elements such as lamps, art pieces, rugs, accent chairs, coffee tables, crafts, chandeliers, and decorative elements. Although it could seem excessive, if it transmits a feeling of fullness and abundance that doesn’t feel saturated, you’ll know that you’ve given your modern sofa the ideal maximalist environment that will be the living reflection of your style and personality.