Will my Barcelona Sofa make me sweat?

Bad quality leather chairs make you sweat in excess since they are made with mixes with plastic and fibers. This happens with faux leather and all the poor quality imitations. Plastic and polymers are solid structures that don’t allow the upholstery to breathe. So, if you are seated in an allegedly leather chair, and you start to sweat profusely, you can be sure that’s fake.

Of course, leather can be warm, too. It has little porosity compared to some other fabrics, so it won’t absorb your sweat on a sunny day, the same way as a cotton couch does.

But, you can see it the other way around. Leather texture reacts quickly to changes in temperature, and if it refreshes, its own temperature will descend quickly, too. Nevertheless, the touch and feel sensation of leather has no comparison in furniture, and is the preferred material, especially when it comes to the luxury market. That’s what happens with the Barcelona Sofa, its premium leather, along with its selection of cushion materials make it one of the most comfortable options for seating.

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