Why the market of replicas is so popular nowadays?

The Barcelona Chair, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, the Eames Lounge Chair, are all very popular items in the world of décor right now, and almost for 50 years or even more. That’s why lots of Design enthusiasts (and common fans) have managed to take one of these pieces home (and once started, many can’t stop doing it).

But buying an original piece of Mid Century Modern Style can be very expensive most of the times. The original houses that manufacture these items since the 1950’s or 1960’s charge to the client for brand uses and royalties that can seriously raise the final price. That’s why the market of replicas is so popular.

Indeed, is estimated at this day an estimate of 20,000 Barcelona Chairs produced by Knoll, the original design house of this item of design, since the beginning of the manufacture in the late 1940s. Nevertheless, there is an estimated bigger number of replicas, manufactured by design enthusiasts all over the world.

But why Mid Century Modern replicas are so popular all over the world?

Mid Century Modern Style is a case of a rara avis in the Interior Design. Its last revival can be traced to the decade of the 1990s. Since then, it hasn’t decayed again, but on the contrary, it managed to consolidate as one of the major trends in Interior Design since then. It means that The Barcelona Collection has at least 30 years of sustained growth in the preferences of Americans and European houses.

Traditional Design Houses

The original production and manufacture of the items of the Barcelona Collection, just like other famous pieces of Mid Century Modern period, were reserved first for the traditional design houses that emerged with the movement since the 1920s. With a piece of a design house, you will get a first quality product, but maybe with the total sum of what is needed to get one of these pieces, you have better plans to use it. The final price for a Barcelona Chair in a Design House may be above 5,000 USD.

Low Cost Stores

It’s easy to find low-cost stores for almost everything, and at the same time, it’s easy to know the side effects of the purchase at a low-cost store. In the case of furniture, it means, almost with 100% of certainly, low quality ends. An this means a poor material selection, deficient manufacture, and a very short life expectancy of the piece. Sometimes, the manufacturer reduces the dimensions of the piece. In the end, the result is mostly unsatisfying. Something that probably takes you again to the need of buying your beloved piece, again, anytime soon. In the end, cheap doesn’t mean inexpensive. 

The replica’s market

The market of replicas appears to satisfy a growing need. A replica is a rendering of the original piece that follows the original design, committed to quality, and true to the expectations of its original creator. With a replica, you can get an exact reproduction of the original piece with a high-quality standard, but unlike the traditional house, a replica store doesn’t pay a license for the exclusive use of the brand, and it is focused to provide the best version of the original design. It can provide you then with a high-quality product at an affordable price. 

There are lots of people that can get the benefit of the availability of a replica: Designer enthusiasts, Renters, Architects, and of course, all of us.

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