Why the Barcelona Chair is a classic in design?

There are some staples, some breakthrough designs in the world of furniture that make them considered as classics for many designers, through time. 

All great designs has innovation at its core. Innovation in design is crucial. Materials, manufacture, beauty are key elements to talk about a good design in a chair.

The Barcelona Chair is a great example of breakthrough design. It was released in 1929, and by that time brought with it several elements considered as innovative, as revolutionary.

Its iconic “X” frame and experimental approach on materials were very innovative at that time.

Nowadays the Barcelona Chair is a highly popular item because of its beauty and is established as a classic accent chair.

Knoll manufacture the original since the 1950s, and established replicas firms like Barcelona Designs and Manhattan Home Designs made their renderings since the 2000s very successfully.

From the original pig skin model of 1929, till the day of today, with high-end replicas of aniline leather, the Barcelona Chair has the permanency of classics. Don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Designs to get the experience of an exceptional piece, at affordable prices.