Why Is Reading A Good Habit & How An Egg Chair Can Help In Your Way Of Creating It (I/II)

In the previous post, we talked about the benefits of creating a reading habit and why an Egg chair replica is a great option in your way of creating the habit. We mentioned earlier that it’s great due to its structure and as a matter of fact, this chair was specifically created for it. Arne Jacobsen- The Egg chair designer- created this piece with the objective in mind of grant privacy to users within public areas. 

Now, how you can create your reading nook at home? Is very easy! Once that you selected your ideal chair -the one that fits all your necessities and requirements-, you will then need to place two more elements (at least): a tiny table and a lamp.

Let’s take a look at these ideas from Pinterest for inspiration.

Source: Dovecourt home Stephane chamard architect

This is a very complete way of creat a reading corner, by placing your Egg chair, books on a shelf and a tiny table to hold your laptop -in case you prefer digital books- or snacks.

The following example is the simplest way to create it.

Source: DWR

In this example, there is only an Egg chair and a lot of books stacked. You can also see a lamp which is a great option when you like to read at night. I’m sure you have one similar at home so you can put the chair in front of it.

Which corner did you like the most? Comment below!