Why Grey and Beige are The most popular options?, by the Barcelona Sofa

Whether in fabrics sofas, or in leather sofas, there is a growing trend to look for refugee in colors like beige or grey. This trend has several years and it appears that it will be steady for many years. Let’s find out why this preference is so steady.

Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian, Coastal Living

To a great extent, the demand for neutral color sofas, both in fabrics or leather sofas is associated with the preeminence of Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian, and Coastal Living as the major trends in interior design. Each one of these trends distinguishes because they favor minimalist options in the decor: Minimal ornament, clean-cut lines, and a preference for clear colors in the walls and furniture (with Scandinavian in the first place), especially in walls and furniture.

With clear colors in the walls, like shades of white or beige, the options in furniture are very much alike. Keeping a set of different shades inside a color like beige or grey, the notes of color in your living room are obtained through coffee tables, cushions, throws, and other elements of decor and furniture, like Ottomans, Benches, plants and wall art. But keep always in mind that classic colors, white and black, always fit in a room, either in contemporary designs or more eclectic styles. Black and white are always safer bets. 

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