Where is the best place to sleep? Bed, Sofa, or Daybed?

It looks like a kind of crazy question, but you can find in the social communities of Interior Design, people with real dilemmas about it. Where is the best place to sleep? Why sometimes I feel that I sleep better on my couch than in my own bed? Why do I want to sleep in my daybed, if my bed is larger? 

This is a question that emerges quite often, so it’s convenient to make some points.

Sleeping in a bed.

Your bed is your bedroom, your place of most intimacy. Your bedroom should be as comfortable as you can. In your bedroom you will sleep at night, you will stay recovering while you feel sick and you will share precious moments with your loved ones. So is definitely the place most important for you when it comes to comfort. Nothing else should be more comfortable in your house than your own bed.

Sleeping on a Sofa.

A sofa is not a natural place to sleep on a regular basis. In spite of what many people say, a very comfortable sofa it’s a place for occasional sleeping: Friday Night Series Marathon; occasional guests. In all its variations: A Sofa Bed, a Sectional or a Futon, a sofa is always a great, cozy way to get some sleep, read a book or just watch some TV with the company of french fries. 

Sleeping in a Daybed.

Even in the case of gorgeous daybeds, such as the Barcelona Daybed, a Daybed is a splendid place for occasional rest and some playful entertainments: your afternoon nap, good reading or to hang out in your backyard lounge tent.

Of course, you are in your house, and you can do anything that you want in the end. Enjoy!

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