When and where was the Barcelona Chair released?

The Barcelona Chair was released in 1928, at the International Exposition of Barcelona, Spain.

Whenever we talk about the Barcelona Collection and the Barcelona Chair, among the many masterpieces that make it up, a couple of famous phrases coming up to our minds: The genius of  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the principles of Modernism, the collaboration with the German designer Lily Reich…And that International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928. 

What was the Barcelona International Exposition of 1928?

The first Universal Exposition was held in Barcelona, in 1898, so the 1929 Exposition was not the first international fair to be held in Barcelona.

This fair had been proposed by Catalan architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch as early as 1905, but the onset of World War I and other political and economic factors delayed the project; construction on the new site did not properly begin until 1917.

One of the main challenges of the exhibition was to find a site large enough to accommodate it, as it would require at least 110 hectares of land for development. Eventually, the organizers settled on Montjuïc hill as the new home of the exhibition – a move that entailed the resettling of some of the local population.

The Barcelona International Exposition has some public spaces, a group of International Pavilions with the Official Sections, and a group of Private Pavilions, among other specials Pavilions.

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