What does the Barcelona Collection and the Madison Square Garden have in common?

If you are a resident of New York, or you are lucky enough to go for a holiday walk at the Madison Square Garden, maybe you’ll feel the impulse to stop by a little and have a soda while you see the people walking around.

And If turns to be that you are a Mid Century Modern enthusiast looking for some furniture piece to complete your apartment’s reno (Let’s say Barcelona Chair Replica; Barcelona Bench; Barcelona Table and Barcelona Ottoman; to name a few), you’ll be surprised to know that the same group that provides the chairs in the cool MSG is the one that would give you the best alternative in quality, aesthetics and affordable prices to make your furniture dream come true.

Since 2005, Manhattan Home Design and Barcelona Designs are steadily growing as a quality Mid Century Modern furniture manufacturer, thanks of the effort of entrepreneur and founder of both endeavors, Daniel Levy.

Somehow, Classic and Modern furniture are very well mixed in the environment of Barcelona Designs, so we can see nothing but a bright future for Barcelona Designs.