What are the best colors for the Barcelona Chair?

A classic piece of design, the Barcelona Chair is nowadays one of the most popular options for modern chairs around the world. Its stylish figure and comfortable look have called the attention of many Interior Designers and even set producers that use its particular profile to the most luxury and elegant spaces.

Nevertheless, in spite of the worldwide fame of the Barcelona Chair, there are really little options in color, due to the inner strength of this design. The most common options in color for the Barcelona Chair are:


BArcelona Designs
The Barcelona Ottoman is part of the Barcelona Collection

The classic option. Its black leather (Aniline leather) shines and gives you the special feeling and smooth look of an elegant modern chair. Special for formal and modern spaces. It can even do great in executive offices.


One of its most popular tones. The Barcelona Chair in white looks great in several styles, due to its versatility.  In Scandinavian as a part of a clear and pure space; in Coastal Living, as a part of a fresh, marine space; and in Mid Century Modern.

A refreshing presentation, that harmonizes with the last trends in colorful, animated, living rooms.  Great in pairs.


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