Understanding Modernism Through The Iconic LC3 Sofa: What is Modernism? (I/II)

In this first part of two blogs we are going to talk about a highly requested topic within the field of interior design; Modernism and how the LC3 sofa perfectly represents its characteristics.

Let’s start in the simplest way whenever we are learning something, knowing its definition. S, what is modernism? According to the most popular source of common themes; Wikipedia, modernism is “both a philosophical movement and an artistic movement that arose out of extensive transformations in Western society during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”

This movement was born basically with the intention of meeting popular desires that were related to the creation of new forms of art, philosophy and social organization where the emerging new industrial world could be reflected, including characteristics such as urbanization, new technologies, and war. .

In the desire to create this movement where people could revolutionize the industry, multiple masterminds like Le Corbusier emerged. Le Corbusier is considered the father of modernism for all the great and useful contributions in specific areas such as construction and the design of furniture, buildings, and even urbanism.

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