Understanding Modernism Through The Iconic LC3 Sofa: Knowing The Sofa (II/II)

In the last section of this blog divided into two parts, we talk about what modernism is about and why it arose, today we are going to go in-depth and we will show you one of the most iconic pieces made by the father of modernism himself.; Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier, as we have already mentioned, was one of the most influential figures of this time, practically including all areas of the movement. He along with two architects; Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, built a whole concept and a revolutionary collection within the field of furniture design.

The LC3 sofa is just one of the elements that make up the LC Collection. This collection has very similar characteristics, such as simplicity, functionality, organic lines, and, at the top of the list, a beautiful combination of fine leather and steel.

The LC3 sofa is very ergonomic and adaptable to any room since it comes in two different presentations where the dimensions vary in order to be fittable in plenty of rooms. 

Plus! The piece includes thick, sturdy pillows inside the steel frames.

So what do you think of this iconic creation? Comment below!