Three Interesting Facts About the Eames Lounge Chair

How much do you know about the Eames Lounge Chair? This masterpiece by the great Charles and Ray Eames continues to give a lot to talk about even after more than 60 years since its launch.

Not surprisingly, there are currently options such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, which appeared thanks to the popularity of the authentic design. If you wonder why it’s such a famous chair, these are just three of the most interesting reasons for it:

  1. It was conceived as a birthday present. From the outset, the chair was born as an initiative by Charles to honor his great friend, the film director Billy Wilder. He wanted to give him a very special birthday present; however, the chair became much more than that and went down in history as one of the most iconic designs in the Mid-Century Modern style.
  2. It was launched on national television. Indeed, the Eames Lounge Chair had a national audience during its launch like no other piece of furniture, and this is quite a record since practically no other chair of that style has had that privilege. The piece appeared on the Arlene Francis show and there, its creators explained all the details of its design and operation.
  3. It’s the closest thing to a celebrity. The fame of this piece became so remarkable that shortly after its introduction to the market it began to appear on all kinds of TV and film sets, making it one of the best-known pieces of furniture in the world.