The woman behind the Barcelona Chair (I/II)

They say that behind a great man there is always a great woman. In this case, behind a great chair, there is a great woman. This is the story of Lily Reich. 

Lilly was an outstanding designer, with special skills on fabrics. textiles and women clothes. Actually her name is fully acknowledged in previous furniture pieces with Rohe, like the Weissenhoff chair. But in the Barcelona Collection there is not acknowledgment whatsoever. 

L. Mies van der Rohe is without a doubt one of the major figures of Architecture in the XX Century. The Seagrams Building, the IBM Centre, is just a shortlist of the major accomplishments that van der Rohe made in such a stunning career. When it comes to Interior Design, van der Rohe is accredited with one of the most influential collections of the XX Century:

The Barcelona Collection. Formed by the Barcelona Sofa, Barcelona Loveseat, the Barcelona Table and Ottoman, and the Barcelona Chair; there is no doubt that today, 91 years later, it remains as some of the most popular icons in furniture. Nevertheless, as furniture this was the only effort of van der Rohe. Not even before or after van der Rohe presented any furniture original piece. The only accomplishments in furniture by van der Rohe were together with Lilly Reich.

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