The Togo Sofa: a Seal of Originality In Your Spaces

When we talk about originality in modern design, many begin to imagine all kinds of extravagances, especially when it comes to aesthetic trends such as biomorphism, which tries to emulate the shapes and figures of the natural world. However, one thing doesn’t imply the other, since originality in this area is not always synonymous with extravagant pieces of furniture. The Togo sofa, by Michel Ducaroy, is one of the clearest examples of this.

The Togo Sofa

Considered by many to be a one-of-a-kind creation, this design revolutionized the vision that until then had been preconceived as the archetype of the modern sofa. Practically everything in it: its structure, materials, silhouette, folds, its curious twisted cushion shape, and, especially, the very particular sensations that it’s capable of transmitting, confer a very particular idea of ​​originality. It’s enough to take a look at the typical styles of furniture that abound in the market to realize that, in reality, there’s not a single model that resembles it.

…After all, the technical characteristics of the design also speak of the particular vision of this creator, always focused on being able to offer much more than the typical, traditional, or obvious: soft and durable chenille fabric, stain-resistant and easy to clean, superior craftsmanship -same manufacturing process and materials as per the original, three densities of high-quality polyether foam combined to make the frame, ergonomic design for true enveloping comfort, and a modern vibe that conveys the piece in a visual sense that cannot be explained with words.

Keep in mind that the Ducaroy sofa is that type of piece with which you can easily pleasantly surprise your friends and family and fill your living room with the true MCM spirit!

The Ducaroy Sofa