The Shell Chair: Ahead of its time

Created in 1963, the Shell Chair is the perfect example of one idea ahead of its time. By the time of its release in 1963, Hans Wegner, its creator wanted to transmit the idea of a chair that would be comfortable and functional, but keeping its beauty from any angle you see it.

Reintroduced in 1998, a new generation in the rise of Mid Century Modern Style rediscovered the unique design of the Shell Chair and since then it became the classic image of an accent chair. With a winged reminiscences design, on a unique seat,  and an ultra-refined setting of  3 spider-like legs supporting its laminated veneer seat and back, the Shell Chair is now a reflex of avant-garde.

But in spite of its unique shape, the Shell Chair is very compatible with different styles and materials, since its main body is made of wood. Scandinavian, Coastal Living, Contemporary, and Mid Century Modern settings, of course, go well with the solid but aerial presence of the Shell Chair. 

If you want to experience the feeling of avant-garde comfort, you can order this masterwork now at Barcelona Designs or call us at 646-650-6552.