The return of the leather sofa? By the Barcelona Sofa

A quick review of the new offers in the market shows us some interesting movements, with more presence of leather sofas, or leather-like sofas.

Prior, through all 2020 most of the offer of sofas focused on microfiber, velvet, canvas sofas. These kinds of sofas have some interesting advantages that call people’s attention.  Due to their more malleable designs, they can adopt more shapes and be presented in many colors.

This way, you have more options, in theory. As long as the favor of the public for colorful designs sustains, there is a perfect match.

The Charm of Classics

Nevertheless, time is the final test for all. From time to time, classic models always revival. Its the thing with classic furniture. Maybe is not always at the top of the hits, but it never let you down. 

In demand now

Right now, leather sofas, like the Barcelona Sofa, are getting high demand. lets see what novelties are bringing.

More leather loveseats

We observe that leather sofas are adapting to the current needs, thanks to little features, as for example,  with more presentations of loveseats, for small homes and apartments.

External Wood frames

When it comes to structure, the frame of the sofa tends to be underneath, but now, some models feature an external oak wood frame that brings and a sense of endurance and the nobility and beauty of wood.

Beauty from the top the bottom

The sofa legs are one of the elements with more innovations in this time of the year. With several changes in height and shapes, This result in several heights for leather sofas, beyond the standard heights of a regular sofa. Ornamented casters are a new trend to offer mobility and more sophistication, with brass and wood details to make your sofa visible from the top to the feet.

Sofas for Her or for Him

The segmentation of the market gets deeper in the male – female field, with models that clearly target one group or another. The female target in the market provides a “pink experience” , with pastel colors,  ornamented casters and more detailed oriented designs. Male oriented leather sofas are more inclined to stronger colors, a deep, thick leather surface and classic shapes.

The Barcelona Sofa

The Barcelona Sofa is part of the Barcelona Collection. The Barcelona Collection is the entire sum of the set of furniture designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929. This collection has a great impact on the world of Interior Design and furniture, due to the revolutionary changes that it brought in an early date like 1929.

The Barcelona Sofa meet with many of the expectations of the current demand of sofas: Elegant, sleek, with its classic furniture upholstery, the Barcelona Sofa, and the Barcelona Loveseat, both part of the Barcelona Collection, are the options for timeless pieces adapted at the modern constraints of this dynamic times.

Easy to play with it in the layout and with the charm of the classics, is more than a safe bet, a winner option.   

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